They are traded on the Nordic stock exchange, Nasdaq Copenhagen.

Around 38,200.

See chart on Share profile showing the current share price

Sampo plc owns more than 33.3% of the share capital. Read more

About 71% of the shares are owned by foreign shareholders. Only Sampo plc owns more than 33.3% of the share capital. Read more.

It is Topdanmark's objective to generate added value to shareholders by ensuring them a long-term, competitive stable return. The value of the Company represents: The present value of the expected cash flow from existing activities plus the present value of new business opportunities.

Topdanmark supports the principles of good Corporate Governance and meets all significant recommendations for Corporate Governance from the Committee on Corporate Governance. Read more.

Topdanmark's highest risk areas are those of storm and fire. Topdanmark's risk factors are described on Risk management page.

The 2019 Annual General Meeting is going to be held in April 2019.

It is the calendar year.

Topdanmark's head of IR and Group Communications, Steffen Heegaard, is responsible for relationships with Danish and foreign share analysts and institutional investors.

Topdanmark's Share Administration Department is responsible for relationships with private shareholders.

Topdanmark's Share Administration

Tel:+45 44 68 44 11
Fax: +45 44 65 22 11

Email: aktieadm@topdanmark.dk

On 31 December 2017 Topdanmark had 2,378 employees (converted to full time).

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Investor contact
Steffen Heegaard, head of IR and Group Communications is responsible for the contact to share analysts and institutional investors:

Tel: +45 44 74 40 17
Mobile: +45 40 25 35 24
E-mail: she@topdanmark.dk