October 24, 2017  - 3:54 PM CET

Write-down of Topdanmark's share capital ‒ Topdanmark's holding of own shares is below 5%

24 October 2017
Announcement No. 27/2017

Write-down of Topdanmark's share capital
As published in its announcement No. 20/2017, at Topdanmark's AGM on 4 April 2017 it was decided to write down its share capital by 5,000,000 shares.

The time limit for creditors to file claims has expired without any objections. Therefore, following Topdanmark's application for registration of the reduction with the Danish Business Authority, the reduction was finally effected today.

Following the cancellation of these shares, Topdanmark's share capital will be DKK 90,000,000, equivalent to 90,000,000 shares.

Topdanmark's holding of own shares below 5%
Following the reduction in capital, Topdanmark's holding of own shares is 4,449,921, representing 4.94% of the share capital. This has reduced the 9.95% holding of own shares published in announcement No. 23/2017.

This announcement is being published with reference to Section 29 of the Danish Securities Act.

Please direct any queries to:
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