Shareholder base

At 1 February 2018, 37,844 shareholders were registered in Topdanmark's register of shareholders.

Based upon the register of shareholders at 1 February 2018 the shareholder base can be divided into the following groupings:

Shareholder groupings Percentage
Sampo plc 47%
Other foreign shareholders 21%
Danish institutional investors 3%
Private shareholders, foundations, etc. 15%
Own shares 4%
Employees, etc. 5%
Nominee holdings 5%
Shareholders holding more than a 5% stake in Topdanmark Percentage
Sampo plc 46.66%

This information was disclosed in the companies' most recent annual reports or subsequent announcements.

Stake held by foreign stakeholders excl. Eureko&EurAPCo as at 1 February 2018

Stake held by foreign stakeholders

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Investor contact
Steffen Heegaard, head of IR and Group Communications is responsible for the contact to share analysts and institutional investors:

Tel: +45 44 74 40 17
Mobile: +45 40 25 35 24