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Topdanmark's Annual Report for 2018
Feb 21, 2019
11:03 AM CET
21 February 2019 Announcement No. 04/2019 In continuation of Topdanmark's announcement of 2018 Annual Results (announcement no. 02/2019), which was published on 24 January 2019, please find below Topdanmark's Annual Report for 2018. Please direct any queries to: Steffen Heegaard, Group
Topdanmark Announcement of 2018 Annual Results
Jan 24, 2019
12:01 PM CET
TOPDANMARK ANNOUNCEMENT OF 2018 ANNUAL RESULTS 24 January 2019, Announcement No. 02/2019 Key features 2018 Post-tax profit of DKK 1,331m (2017: DKK 1,733m) The profit of DKK 1,331m was better than assumed in the interim report for Q1-Q3 2018 where the profit forecast model was DKK 1,200-1,300m
Issue of Options
Jan 02, 2019
9:57 AM CET
2 January 2019 Announcement No. 01/2018 Issue of Options Since 1998, Topdanmark has had a revolving share option scheme for its Executive Board and a number of executives. As in previous years, the strike price has been fixed on the basis of the price of Topdanmark's shares on the last trading day

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