IR policies

Topdanmark wishes to openly and sufficiently inform investors, analysts and other stakeholders on the Group's matters in order to ensure that as far as possible:

  • Value creating activities are reflected in a fair price for Topdanmark's shares
  • That the Topdanmark share is not traded at a discount due to lack of information
  • There is a high level of knowledge of and confidence in Topdanmark's shares.
  • There is low price volatility in Topdanmark's shares secured through the provision of uniform and consistent information, thereby helping to reduce the cost of capital.

Topdanmark endeavours to proactively reach out to investors in Denmark and abroad by using information channels such as:

  • Investor meetings
  • Telephone meetings
  • Conference calls
  • Web casts
  • Investment and insurance conferences

Topdanmark's shares are listed on NASDAQ Copenhagen A/S and included in:

  • C25-index
  • OMXC Large Cap

Daily share trading on NASDAQ Copenhagen A/S was DKK 44m in 2018 (2017: DKK 33m). NASDAQ Copenhagen A/S continues to be the primary stock exchange for trading in Topdanmark's shares with a market share of 72% in 2018 (2017: 68%). Consequently, the share of the trading was 28% on other trading platforms such as Cboe-CXE, Cboe-BXE and Turquoise.

Hence, the total daily trading of Topdanmark's shares on all trading platforms was DKK 61m in 2018 (2017: DKK 48m).

As the Danish institutional investors have increased the foreign proportion of their equity portfolios for a number of years, Topdanmark has increased its proportion of foreign shareholders registered by name. Since 1997 until 18 October 2019 the proportion of foreign shareholders has increased from 2% to 73%.


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Share price

Investor contact
Steffen Heegaard, head of IR and Group Communications is responsible for the contact to share analysts and institutional investors:

Tel: +45 44 74 40 17
Mobile: +45 40 25 35 24